Dismissals, demotions, and punishments at work

The type of employment in California is called “at-will.” However, this does not mean that employers can fire workers for any reason. What is “at-will” employment? Employment “at-will” refers to work in which employees can leave their job at any time without reason or notice. Also, employers are free to fire employees at any time […]

How do California wage and hour laws apply to remote employees?

Many people who work remotely in California wonder if the same wage and hour laws apply to them that apply to on-site employees. The answer is yes. But you must be a non-exempt employee. You have the right to be paid at least minimum wage, overtime pay rates for overtime, and standard meals and rest […]

Overtime Wages: Are you getting paid correctly?

According to California laws, workers should receive 1.5 times their regular pay rate for every extra hour they work after eight hours in a single workday. If employees work more than 12 hours in a single workday, this changes to 2 times the regular pay rate for every extra hour.  Additionally, workers are supposed to […]