Employment Law 

The Gutierrez Law Firm represents employees in all employment-related law matters, including pre-litigation claims, severance negotiations, mediation, arbitration, administrative hearings, and civil lawsuits.

The Gutierrez Law Firm puts substantial legal experience to work to protect California employees who have been mistreated, have suffered workplace discrimination and have been the victim of a workers' rights violation. We work on behalf of employees — and only employees — in legal actions to collect compensation when your rights have been violated.

We are not intimidated by the methods, power or techniques that any organization employs. We have built a highly successful reputation for effective employee representation in employment law matters including:

  • Workplace Discrimination and Harassment (All types)

  • Wrongful Termination 

  • Retaliation 

  • Leaves of Absence and FMLA

  • Wage Claims

  • Severance Negotiations

  • Unemployment Appeal Hearings

  • Administrative Hearings

  • All other types of employment law claims