Entertainment Law

We handle a broad range of legal matters in all areas of entertainment and interactive media for actors, directors, producers, screenwriters, composers, recording artists, authors, publishers, and independent production companies.  Our breadth of litigation experience helps us provide transactional services with the goal of litigation avoidance. Our services include: 

  • ​Drafting, negotiation, review and counsel for film, television, music, publishing and new media related issues, deal memorandums and agreements

  • Representation for your production from pre-production through post production, including negotiating and drafting all of the agreements that are necessary during the picture’s pre-production, principal photography and post production.

  • Assistance with shopping completed films to distributors for the purpose of securing distribution on behalf of the completed picture; this includes distributor screenings and attendance at film festivals.

  • Formation of corporations, special purpose production companies, loan out companies, music publishing companies, limited liability companies, etc.

  • Assistance for disputes that require litigation.  We have extensive litigation experience in state, federal, and appellate courts.